• Bobby Kim

    Bobby Kim has hosted 19 episodes.

    Bobby is an avid gamer and technology enthusiast. He appreciates a ripe cider, good ale, and texas oil. (Whiskey) Bobby is not a fan of IPAs.

  • Brad Slayter

    Brad Slayter has hosted 21 episodes.

    Brad is an iOS developer by trade with an affinity for the art of brewing beer. He loves nothing more than cracking open a cold one while brewing more cold ones. His favorite styles include Imperial Stouts, Imperial IPAs, and basically anything over 10%.

  • Joseph Vargas

    Joseph Vargas has hosted 20 episodes.

    Joseph is a computer scientist, local musician, and seeker of great beer. His taste ranges from simple, summery Hefeweizens to bold, bitter Stouts.

  • Scott Mckeefer

    Scott Mckeefer has hosted 27 episodes.

    Scott is a gamer, programmer, and cocktail enthusiast. He is on a quest to make the perfect cocktail that eases the mind and soothes the soul. He likes a cider or a lager when he can't make a margarita.

  • Zac Adams

    Zac Adams has hosted 20 episodes.

    Zac enjoys object oriented programming, all things whiskey, and making clans in games that rhyme with his own name.